Thank You, Starfish

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Fellowship:Downtown, I want to extend a special “thank you” to Starfish Orphan Ministry.


Since the launch of our first satellite campus at 1000 Broadway, Starfish Orphan Ministry has graciously opened their building – and their hearts – to us. This has enabled the family of First Baptist Paducah to enlarge our witness for Christ, and to reach a segment of our city that we want to serve for His glory. Laura and John Roberts have welcomed and blessed us by their hospitality, energy, and willing-to-do-whatever-it-takes attitude.

If you’re unfamiliar with Starfish, not only do they serve our city well, but they also connect the people of Paducah with service opportunities in El Salvador and beyond. Their motto is: “We believe that everyone can make a difference, one child at a time.” And that is what Starfish does. Instead of writing off 150 million orphans as a number so massive that helping them is impossible, Starfish focuses on one child at a time. Human contact. Food. Clothing. Foster care. Adoption. Mentoring. Missions.

In a nutshell, love.

In very unique ways, Starfish also loves our community here. Through Kendra’s Kloset, Starfish serves single parents, foster parents, and teens who are aging out of the foster care system. They serve as a clearinghouse for desperately needed items from diapers to bunkbeds. They love Paducah, and serve our neighbors as Christ’s hands and feet.

So I’ve been thinking about how we might give back. Right now one of our church members is volunteering at Starfish one day each week and, specifically, receiving clients as they come in to request assistance. According to Laura, this volunteer’s service to Starfish is invaluable. It primarily involves processing necessary paperwork and praying with those who want prayer support.

Here’s my question: Are any of you available to do this kind of thing on another day of the week? Please pray about the possibility. If you can help, please let me know, or call Laura directly.

The Apostle Paul reminded the Philippians and us (2:5-7) to maintain a Christlike mind. That mind is “ours in Christ Jesus,” as we – like Christ – “take the form of a servant.” Almost every place where the word “servant” appears in the New Testament, it is the Greek word “doulos,” which means a “slave” or a “person of servile condition.” Our Lord Jesus shared all glory with His Father in heaven, but He emptied Himself anyway. When you and I are servants of Christ, we do what He calls us to do. That’s not always easy, but we are privileged to have been called to such a high calling.

That’s right. To serve in the lowest role is the highest honor (Mark 9:35). Thank you, Starfish, for showing us that. It is a pleasure and joy to love Paducah, and the ends of the earth, with you.

Pastor Charles

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2 comments on “Thank You, Starfish
  1. Julie Farmer says:

    Amen! Thank you Starfish and thank you John and Laura! You bless so many!

  2. Judy Howe says:

    Thanks Pastor Charles for supporting Starfish ministry with your blog and for encouraging volunteer participation!

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