Signs and Wonders Part 4



How does God work?

When it’s all said and done, this may be the most important question facing us in this series. After all, when we speak of “signs and wonders,” our attention ought to be arrested only by the thought of God’s glory being expanded by the visible display of His power and glory. Said another way: It’s not really about the sign. It’s about the One to whom the sign points! Jesus made it very clear that lost people can get caught up in signs (Matthew 12:39; 16:4). In and of itself, a good case of “goosebumps” might not be worth the proverbial hill of beans.

My friends, Scripture continues to be God’s primary instrument for the work of transformation that is most needed in our lives. It is the Word of God that changes us, more and more each day, into the likeness of the Son of God – into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. Regardless of our particular doctrine of miracles, we can know that we have lost our way if we no longer hunger and thirst to know the power of the Bible unleashed in and through us.

From the majesty of the opening lines of Genesis, to the impassioned poetry of the Psalms, to the fiery proclamations of the Hebrew prophets, to the breathtaking accounts of Christ in the Gospels, and all the way to the apocalyptic mysteries recorded in Revelation, the Bible is God’s Word. It’s in a league of its own! It has the power to mold and shape us like nothing else (Hebrews 4:12).

Is God demanding, or is He merciful?


Is God concerned with the justice of the Old Testament, or with the “turn the other cheek” of the New?


It is only when we read the Bible through the lens of Christ that the apparent dichotomies begin to make sense. Then we discover that the Bible is not a book of rules, but a book of life. Therein lies our only hope! The gospel. And hope for sinners like you and me is nothing short of a miracle.

I did not want to let this series pass without calling us, again, to love God’s Word.


Pastor Charles

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2 comments on “Signs and Wonders Part 4
  1. Katherine Phillips says:

    Thank you Charles for taking up this topic and directing us to the mysteries of the Gospel during such an uncertain time. It feels everyday like the Devil is on the prowl and I appreciate the reminder that God’s word is central to all that my family and community are struggling through each day. Praying blessings on your teaching. Thanks!

  2. Judy Howe says:

    So thankful to have a pastor who is anchored in God’s Word, whose life serves as an example of the perfect blend of truth and love, and who provides leadership to our church family that encourages growth in our Christian walk.

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