Pass the Poke

Anybody’s mouth watering yet? Tomorrow’s the big day! So I checked out YouTube just to see what are the hottest trending “how-to” videos for 2017 when it comes to cooking.

The winners?

  1. fried ice cream
  2. okra
  3. aquafaba
  4. seaweed soup
  5. jerky
  6. poke
  7. green papaya salad
  8. crab boil
  9. brussel sprouts
  10. coconut cake

If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “aqua-what?” So I checked it out. It’s viscous canned chickpea liquid. It’s a translucent vegan egg substitute. Maybe you knew that already.

Not that I have anything against seaweed soup as anyone’s first course, but here’s what happens when you limit your search to the top trending 2017 Thanksgiving foods and their corresponding “how-to” videos:

  1. turkey
  2. stuffing
  3. gravy
  4. yams
  5. apple pie
  6. mashed potatoes
  7. pumpkin pie
  8. green bean casserole
  9. cranberries
  10. sweet potato pie

Now here’s my point. We are a diverse nation. This year has included a lot of cultural and political heat, and I’m not talking about the kitchen. Has anyone besides me longed for a simpler and gentler era? But when it comes to Thanksgiving, we all basically agree on the same stuff. And stuffing. (That food list would have been nearly identical in 1967.) Three cheers for green bean casserole! If you really want reconciliation, instead of opening a can of worms, open a can of Campbell’s.

As you enjoy your feast with family, friends, and even some folks with whom you might not agree on every point of dinner conversation, give thanks (First Thessalonians 5:18). Don’t be a crab. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t be a jerky.

Pastor Charles

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7 comments on “Pass the Poke
  1. Tim Carner says:

    Amen Pastor, simpler times are where it’s at. Simple food, simple life. Isn’t it ironic that with the hi- tech that has infused our lives that life is more hectic and less simple. I have recently decided to try and live and eat like my parents and grandparents did. I grew up with three captains, Kangaroo, Kirk, and Crunch. The first two are gone but Crunch can be found on aisle 7 at Kroger. Now that’s a breakfast to give thanks for.

  2. Bill Temple says:

    Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family

  3. Gwenn says:

    Last evening was a blessed Thanksgiving Feast that I will not soon forget. I learn more about being thankful than I could have imagined.

  4. Tracey says:

    Love it! Pass the gravy!

  5. Steve Warford says:

    Hurrah for Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday. Some of the flock might take offense to that – “Surely Christmas or Easter should be at the top of the list”. Yes, they too are special holidays, but Thanksgiving is an exercise and demonstration for love of family and friends, without reservation. Just like Jesus showed us when he was among us. We just got back from our T-day at our daughters home – four generations; in-laws; out-laws; three states represented; hugs and smiles all-around. Wouldn’t trade it for anything this side of Heaven.

  6. sharon white says:

    Too funny! And I love that you still call it “stuffing”. Hopefully the Kentucky folk will overlook that but I can’t overlook poke or aquafaba…and I’m certainly not serving it.

  7. Suzy Petkus says:

    Happy Day! Pastor Charles

    Trust all is well..with you all..
    We moved to Euless, Texas last October to be close to Bret and family.

    And connecting with you, to see if you still have Excellence, use it in any way,and/or would tell me what you think I should do with it..

    In His Love, suzy petkus
    1st Thess. 5:23-24

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