Din Toate Neamurile

“Of all nations” (Jesus, Matthew 28:19)!  Romania Mission 2017 was a wonderful week, and I’ll send just a few more pics while we’re stuck here in Chicago. By God’s grace we tackled a few complications on the way home, including a power outage at the Timisoara Airport which knocked out all of their computer systems. Severe and in fact deadly thunderstorms raced though on Sunday, making all international boarding complicated and delayed.

Tom did an excellent job distributing the remainder of the Serbian and Romanian Bibles. He is an evangelist at heart, and I’m grateful for his boldness for Christ.

Saturday morning Bri and I led a children’s event. Some local pastors took our team for a cruise on the Danube in the early afternoon. That night I preached high on a hillside in an incredibly quaint Czech village. You’ll see some of the parishioners walking to and gathering outside their beautiful building. The setting was so charming, and the people so warm and gracious, that the whole night seemed surreal.

Sunday morning was the 25th anniversary service. Both local mayors were present. You’ll see pastor Claudiu translating for one of them. I preached on the subject of “moving from being a mission to being on mission.” I preached again in the evening and talked about “pressing on” in the Lord, with the hope that Grace Baptist will appreciate their past without living in the past. I pray that God will bear good fruit through His Word that I was privileged to share.

Sleep well. I think I could sleep standing up at this point. Thanks for your faithful prayers, friends.


Pastor Charles

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3 comments on “Din Toate Neamurile
  1. Linda Hart says:

    It is well, indeed!

  2. Wow. Amazing trip! Hopefully you have caught up a little on your sleep?

  3. Gloria Meriwether says:

    Enjoyed “sharing” your trip! Thanks for sharing all the good you did to all the people you met. This is how the gospel is shared!

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