France Pour Christ


We have most definitely been sent out into a culture that could be described as thoroughly postmodern and post-Christian. Evangelical churches of all stripes struggle to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in a nation where most people believe that truth is relative and that Christianity has no place in public life.

Christians in France are doing whatever it takes to build bridges into the lives of unbelievers. Our main job here is to encourage church planters who are doing that very thing. You can see that some of today’s activities focused on people at a city park, where unusually hot weather still allowed for some important gospel encounters. Creativity, without losing the claims of Christ, is the name of the game! We’ll have plenty of fun stories to tell you when we get home.

It’s late here, and I’m totally exhausted. Please pray for me as I teach from Matthew first thing in the morning. I’m focusing on the account of John the Baptist, and our need to press on in faith even in seasons when we’re assaulted by significant doubt. I’ll write again later in the week.


Pastor Charles

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2 comments on “France Pour Christ
  1. Tracey says:

    Prier pour vous tous

  2. Tywatha Dyson says:

    Seeing what you guys are doing has inspired and encouraged me to not be afraid of missions. God is moving mountains in our midst. Keep up the good work.

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