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Our travels have now brought us to New England, a region we love for many reasons, including cousins Joshua’s age who always resume their bonds with our son in an instant — like next-door friends who’ve never parted. We see God’s grace in such connections, and in the summer fun and laughter they provide. Tuesday included a Plymouth pond for swimming and refreshment on an unusually balmy day.

Wednesday brought us back to downtown Boston, where Eileen attended college and rooted feverishly for the Celtics in days gone by. She and I almost never hang out in Boston without a meal in Little Italy, but we added a harbor cruise before dinner this time. I snapped this photo near the spot where the river spills into Boston Harbor. (You can see the U.S.S. Constitution in the foreground, and the Bunker Hill Monument in the background.)

20130710_170312The famed Charles River made me start counting all of the colleges nearby. Four dot the river just inland: Boston University, M.I.T., Emerson, and Harvard. And that got me thinking about how so many of New England’s schools were founded for the specific and only purpose that Bible preachers could be properly trained. Harvard’s motto is still the Latin “Veritas” — that’s “Truth” in English, and undoubtedly an unashamed (at least historically so) reference to Christ’s message in the Scriptures.

A region where evangelical faith once flourished, and the exact place from which that good news once shook nearly the whole world, now feels post-Christian in many ways. Beautiful steeples still punctuate the verdent landscape, but underneath are near-empty sanctuaries and historic pulpits now impotent after years of gospel-less preaching. Some of those church buildings don’t even pretend to be places of worship anymore. Like the spiritual scene in much of Europe today: profoundly sad, if you ask me.

Proverbs 1:7 ought to grab us: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” That’s a poignant reminder for every Ivy-League-er, and for everybody else as well. To know the truth and then to abandon it, may it never be! The very thought of such short-sighted and yet far-reaching behavior ought to drive you and me to our knees before our heads hit our pillows tonight …

“Father God, please humble us. In spite of us, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, please make our church a light on a hill. We pray this for the glory of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and in His name alone. Amen.”

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17 comments on “Draw Me Nearer
  1. Julie says:

    Enjoying your travels with you and anxiously awaiting when they bring you back to us.

  2. Deanna bazzell says:

    Have enjoyed your letters and comments. I have been praying for you and your family. I hope you are enjoying time away and resting relaxing and renewing.

  3. Kijsa says:

    Enjoy your time up here (our family is up here as well, as we are for every july)… the signs of our Christian heritage, from Edwards to Williams,are everywhere, yet this is such a big mission field! We are excited to join you and your family back in Paducah soon!

  4. Kijsa says:

    … don’t forget to get a canoli at mikes while by little Italy!!

  5. Love your blog posts, Charles!! We praying your vacation is a refreshing time and counting down the days ’til you get here!!!

  6. Sarah Atkinson says:

    I love Boston and it’s history! So glad to stay connected with you in this way. Be safe and may God continue to bless you and keep you.

  7. Raymond Beverly says:

    I too am distressed to see the abandonment of Christian heritage by many (most??) of the great New England universities. Harvard and Yale are perhaps the most conspicuous, but many others fall into that same category.

  8. Judy Sheppard says:

    Bill and I have a desire to visit the places of historical, political, but principally America’s Christian heritage. We learned so much from The Truth Project, it merely whetted our appetite. Eager to experience what the Holy Spirit will do at FBC.

  9. Larry Gilmore says:

    Enjoy reading Moore To Life and thank The Lord for your shared insights which connect you with FBCP. It seems like “we” have known you for an extended time and know your heart…and you haven’t even preached your first sermon as pastor of FBC.
    Enjoy this time of refreshment with your family as I know the time intensity will increase about July 29.

  10. Kent Buchanan says:

    Man, you’re the Blogginator! Great posts.

  11. Lisa Wilkins says:

    Pastor Charles, We are enjoying reading about your trip. Hope you all have a safe trip. Great way to get to know your family. See you soon!

  12. Lynn Purington says:

    Thank you, Pastor Charles, for preaching “veritas” (truth)!! May we seek our Lord with a pure heart, cleansed with the redeeming blood of our savior, Jesus Christ. Like the empty churches with nothing inside that you saw, may our hearts not just be empty “churches,” but “churches” overflowing with God’s love for us, and that we extend the “veritas” to all we meet! God bless you, Pastor Charles. With much love, Lynn Purington

  13. Melissa Breeden says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us – we love reading what your thoughts are about what you encounter on a daily basis – even on vacation 🙂 Praying for safe travels for you all and some good family time!
    Robin and Melissa Breeden

  14. Marilyn Burrow says:

    Dear Pastor Charles:

    I am enjoying your trip via email. I had the fun of traveling to Boston several years ago.

    I have not met you or your family as yet and I am looking forward to that opportunity. My heart and spirit is heavy for our country today, and your quote from proverbs is encouraging and reminds me exactly where and who I need to keep looking for encouragement to know the battle has been won.

  15. Becky Pozsgai says:

    “Veritas/Truth” is only what you will hear from Pastor Charles. I sit here in Orange County, CA, still crying (selfishly) for Christ Community’s loss. The frown is starting to “turn upside down” when I focus on God’s plan for my Brothers, Sisters and…The Lost in Paducah, KY. So First Baptist, hold on to your chairs because God’s blessings are mighty powerful. Please acknowledge, to God, your thankfulness for sending The Moore Family and never take His gift lightly.

    • We are very thankful, Becky, and we have been sensitive to the fact that you are losing a great pastor. We have been praying for your congregation and know that the Lord has many great days ahead for you!

  16. Russell and Susan Hobbs says:

    We are truly looking forward to you and your family joining us at FBC. We are also enjoying your blog. Russell and I work in the newborn nursery on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School time. We so long for revival in our land. We are so thankful that God is still in control. God bless you all and keep you safe as you travel.

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