Animated_American_MouseRocketIs it me, or is this the strangest chapter ever in American politics? I could cite example after example, but I won’t waste your time.

Last night in our study of Islam we took a look at the Apostle Paul’s term “futile thinking” in Romans 1:21. I tried to make the point that, since all knowledge is grounded in God, any Christ-less belief system (worldview, lifestyle, or religion) is doomed as far as eternal reality is concerned.

Romans 1 is, in fact, utterly fascinating. Paul explains that unbelievers, by nature, suppress the truth. Even what they know about God – which they’ve discovered simply by observing His created order – they choose to deny. They choose to believe lies instead. So the unbeliever swings back and forth, as necessary for his or her personal comfort, between rationalism and irrationalism. Whatever it takes to hold back the real truth of the gospel. Whatever it takes to deny Christ. So unbelieving philosophies borrow from Christian truth claims, and then use those same claims in an attempt to undermine Christianity. (It takes a whole lot of energy to deny the obvious!)

So how does this impact our analysis of the happenings on the current political stage? In this way I think: You and I are called to make certain that our thinking, no matter how pessimistic we’re tempted to become in the moment, does not become futile.

I believe that it all starts in the heart. Jesus said (Mathew 15:19) that all evil thoughts (from which speech and actions inevitably follow) begin in the human heart.

So you and I must never – in an election year or otherwise – allow our heart to become cold toward the ultimate sovereignty and goodness of our God! Politicians, even those whom we respect, will sometimes (if not often) say (and do) things that make little (if any) sense to us. That consistent disappointment can impact us in the form of general pessimism or even outright disgust. But we who know Christ must never forget who is seated on the throne of the Universe! The Lord Jesus is alive and well, and He rules over all things with a righteous plan – as well as an unstoppable order – in which we must always find refuge when things here seem downright crazy.

For the glory of Christ, you and I will guard our heart so that our mind (our thinking) will not be led down a path of doom and gloom. After all, we know who wins in the end.

There is a time for patriotism. There is a time for national repentance. There is a time for celebration. There is a time for private and corporate prayer. But it’s always time to trust the only one who can be trusted. “FUTILE: incapable of producing any useful result; pointless.” How futile it would be for us to fail to trust Christ now!

Suzanne See, an administrator for, nails it: “As any Christian in Jordan or China or Saudi Arabia could teach us, we still have much to learn about how to cherish our earthly country while prioritizing our citizenship in a heavenly one.” That pretty much sums it up, friends.



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