Brave New World. Not.


In high school we read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World from 1932. Among other scary developments, the novel anticipated a time in the distant future when reproductive technology and psychological manipulation would create a “negative utopia” in which the World State would control the mindless masses. As I attempted to sort through the book’s detailed depictions of ritualistic drug consumption, group hypnosis, and caste-based cloning, I thought that I was reading science fiction of some twisted variety. Now I’m not so sure.

So the NCAA will relocate championship sporting events from the state of North Carolina. This is a punitive move, aimed at teaching the Tar Heel State a thing or two. North Carolina’s crime? Attempting to legally protect young girls, using public facilities, from having to shower or change clothes in front of men. Technically speaking, North Carolina’s law is quite similar to laws in other states. It’s just that the timing of North Carolina’s legislation, known as House Bill 2, was just right to set off a political firestorm. So the NCAA buckled under the weight of demands from special interest groups, and lashed out at the citizens of North Carolina.

Who needs reason these days? Twenty-three other states support laws and official policies detailing gender specifics for restrooms and locker rooms, but North Carolina finds its head on the chopping block.

I have a few questions for the NCAA. Do you intend to allow your players to gender self-identify too? Do you intend to merge your men’s and women’s leagues?  Do you intend to seek to punish every state which does not fall lockstep in line with your radical political agenda?

And, NCAA execs, just one more thing. The sixth of your seven “core values” reads like this: “Respect for institutional autonomy and philosophical differences.” Hmmm.

Is it possible that your standards are so high that they’re double standards? You have absolutely ignored the dignity and safety of women everywhere. Furthermore, because you have apparently not analyzed well to the logical end of your political posturing for “gender neutrality,” you have sacrificed all women’s sports on your altar of shame. At this point, it is only a matter of when.

I’d say it’s high time you get back to – your words, not mine – “the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes.” Now that would be refreshing.

Perhaps those sticky Tar Heels will stick to their guns. That would be unusual indeed in this not-so-brave new world. “In those days … everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6).

Pastor Charles

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Until the American people wake up to what’s really going on we’re going to continue to see these ridiculous rules, such as allowing perverted men in women’s restrooms, to keep coming at us. Our government has been hijacked by criminals, and we have one running for president who lied under oath to Congress and continues to lie about her health condition. The same people who control these criminal politicians also control the main-stream media outlets. So, most definitely, we are a mindless, brain-washed society who are more or less under mind-control by the non-sense spewed out by liberal politicians and news anchors who only know how to read a teleprompter. As Christians, we should know that there is no political answer to a spiritual problem. And we for sure have a very big one of those here in the good old USA ! God help Us ! If you really want to know the truth about what’s going on in America, lay down the newspaper and turn off the TV, and go to,,, and also don’t forget to read your bible daily ! And pray hard…cause it’s gonna get worse before it gets better !

  2. Ron Stivers says:

    Indeed, both Brave New World and 1984 no longer seem so far fetched. A more recent Book, The Giver, seems very much in line with those. All are scary and seem to represent how the U.S. is gradually headed away from God’s teachings. On a positive note, there is no longer a need to be a “Christian” just because of community peer pressure.

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