Victoria’s Not So Secret

Isn’t it spellbinding how much sexual bullying is coming into the public spotlight? Every day. Both sides of the political aisle. Entertainment. Government. Sports. Both coasts. Everywhere in between.

As a student of popular culture, I’m shocked that we’re shocked. Where sin rules, exploitation and deception follow. Lessons unlearned in the Garden. Fast forward: same song, second verse.

Here’s what I’m presently observing: America betrays herself. We’re not so liberated after all. Moral relativism? Hardly! It didn’t work. We tried. No God. No objective standard. No archaic restrictions.

Freedom, right? Wrong. Not even close. The modern West unraveling by means of an unworkable system of valueless values. Now our gospel silence screams.

Sexual independence without restraint? I’m totally into it. Until you touch my daughter.

That’s because moral Jell-O doesn’t work. Never has. Too jiggly.

Maybe we’re human after all.

“What is truth?” he quipped (John 18:38). The serpent’s subterranean snobbery reincarnated and rolling off the lips of Pontius Pilate. Hoist with his own petard.

Truth was right there. Right in front of him. He missed it. What followed was public scandal.

Sooner or later the piercing light of day exposes the balderdash which has been whispered in the night.

Truth. Don’t miss it.

Pastor Charles

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6 comments on “Victoria’s Not So Secret
  1. Janice says:

    Provocative thoughts and word choice! Spot on!

  2. Julie Farmer says:

    “…moral Jell-O doesn’t work. never has. Too jiggly.” I love this!! Well said!

  3. Steve Warford says:

    Evocative title. Good talking points.

    In the rush to “Blame and Claim”, the human side has been tossed out. At considerable personal risk, I offer the following as a conversation starter. Somewhat of an opinion. A bit of an observation. Primarily, a starting point.

    I consider myself a “permissional” evangelist. That means I initiate an evangelistic contact with an individual, then read his/her response – oral and body language. If I sense permission, I go to the next step, but I did have to stick my neck out for that initial contact. Most people are fine with that, but some are offended. Isn’t that pretty much how any relationship begins? Even courtship with complete transparency and honor can go awry. The lines are not as clearly drawn as the press would have us to believe.

    Lest I digress, I will close with just one more starting point for honest conversation in America. Is it not duplicitous when the Today show (or any other venue) puts on dour faces to condemn the latest man/women accused of sexual misconduct, then giggles and jokes about Blake Shelton’s new title as sexiest man on the planet? Indeed, Victoria’s not so secret.

  4. Katherine Phillips says:

    I have to agree. I have been confused over the shock as well. Disgusted with the truth of what’s laying in the wake of what culture thinks they want, yes. But not shocked that this kind of crap has been going on for a very long time. And yet it is still a big business. Will it be enough to make us turn from entertainment? To bankrupt the corrupt? Or are we guilty of continuing to giving them the platform? These facts bother me every day as we raise boys into men; as I work at home and my husband works in his office everyday;as I listen to story after story of how marriages are ending daily because of the culture and the lies we have all bought.

  5. Bill Temple says:

    Right on pastor. People don’t think with their minds or reasoning any more. Could it be that most of them have been educated under an amoral, relativistic, anti-Christian and anti-authority public school “elites”? When they resist and refuse to investigate truth incarnate, then they wind up believing almost anything to their peril and others who blindly follow them. History proves that these ideologies are ” nothing new under the son”. When will the reality of history teach them that their “isma” lead to the desruction of healthy cultures? Oh, I forgot. They don’t teach history any more, they revise it to promote their agenda.

  6. Tim Carner says:

    It seems that if something is done enough or said enough it becomes truth and should be accepted, lest we appear unloving and closed minded. Sexual bullying and made up terminology such as transgender are problematic for sure. According to science which is the world’s standard, men will always have X chromosomes. All the surgeries and dress up can’t change that, and women can’t gain X chromosomes. So no matter how many times the term is used, there is really no such gender. Only male or female the way God intended. It’s all perverted sin.

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