Sometimes it’s only right to set aside our highfalutin theology and simply delight in the simplicity of seeing God at work in our kids. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing inherently negative about great doctrinal pursuits, but I also want to delight in the most foundational truths.VBS20142

VBS 2014 has been a joy for me and for many! Thank you, God. Here are a few photos that I caught with my phone. I’m sure that better pictures are available, but you can enjoy these candid shots for now.

To see our hallways teeming witvbs2014charlesh children in steadfast pursuit of the clues necessary for their “top-secret investigation” has been lots of fun indeed. Thanks to all of you who served so sacrificially to make it happen, right down to the “sidewalk soaking” event provided by our friends at the Paducah Fire Department. There’s nothing like going out with a splash!

We’ve all learned (or re-learned) that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the reason for the hope that is in us (First Peter 3:15). Christ is who the world really needs, whether they realize it yet or not. And, my favorite part: “You don’t have to be a grown-up to tell people about Jesus!” To various and sundry degrees, our children have absorbed these eternal truths, and for this we give our Lord and Savior much praise.

We’ve screamed, danced, sung, and made a generally joyful noise. We’ve welcomed unchurched kids and church-disconnected kids. We loved on the grandkids and great-grandkids of some of our dearest senior sheep. What a treat! (I even got to dress up as “Duck Dynasty Goes California Dreamin'”!)

May our Lord add His blessings to all that has been said, done, taught, and learned in this place. Let’s praise Him for the simplest understanding of a single gospel seed grasped by the tiniest child among us.

VBS20143Jesus loves me. This I know.VBS20141

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One comment on “VBSuccess!
  1. Jill Wrye says:

    What fun it must have been. I want to SEE Duck Dynasty goes California Dreaming. Is that like when Uncle Si thinks he’s in The Mommas and Pappas ?
    Thank you for letting The Lord work through you in a mighty way. May we all be “yielded!”

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