The Eyes of Texas

When you live along the Texas Gulf Coast, staring a hurricane right in the eye is not all that unusual. The annual hurricane season is rarely without at least a viable threat or two. But what we’ve observed this week has nearly defied description.

Hurricane Harvey not only slammed the Lone Star shoreline with horrendous and deadly winds, but it aligned with other meteorological phenomena to dump record-shattering rainfall amounts in the Houston metro area. I don’t have to tell you about the widespread flooding and the destruction of more than 100,000 homes, as you’ve seen the footage and photographs for yourselves.

I am so grateful that our church family will be loving our friends in Houston, including a repair and rebuilding ministry in partnership with one of First Baptist Paducah’s former senior pastors, Dr. Kevin McCallon. Please contact our church office if you would like more information regarding how you can help.

Though not the place of his birth, Houston was my father’s adopted hometown. He has spent the lion’s share of the last eighty years there, practicing surgery for nearly half a century. It is my birth city, and where I attended Kolter Elementary School in Meyerland. (I remember Miss Hummel, Miss Davis, Mrs. Kidd, and Mrs. Gerver like it was yesterday.) I’m including a photo of Meyerland, where parts of town were transformed from city sidewalks to rushing rivers. You can see the street signs from our old neighborhood.

I’m also including a photo of Lakeside Country Club in West Houston, where my grandparents were charter members, and a place which I’ve enjoyed many times over the years. As well I’ll include a shot of one of the subdivisions adjacent to my sister’s house. She and her husband never lost their electricity, and their home became a refuge for others who were rescued but displaced.

In just the last few days we have seen our magnificent Creator in action, both in the beauty of a spectacular eclipse in the heavens, and in the fury of a great hurricane at sea level. He is the God of the whirlwind (Nahum 1:3). He is the Lord who calms the raging waters (Matthew 8:27). No falling sparrow escapes His eye (Matthew 10:29). Christ is worthy of all our faith and praise.

Pastor Charles

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  1. Thank you for helping! Praying for you all, Randy-Jan

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