Standing On the Promises

Greetings from Romania! Thank you for your prayers for safe and “uneventful” travel. We, and all of our baggage, made it intact. There was a brief concern at customs upon arrival regarding some of our medical supplies, but they were cleared when the officials finally recognized that we weren’t here to sell anything.
Yesterday afternoon we made our way from Timisoara to Moldova Noua. You would think that sleep would have come easily at that point, but it didn’t — but today we started early with a fresh sense of excitement about why we’re here: Christ!
In the dental clinic, Dan had quite a patient on his hands right off the bat: our own Tom! Yes, Tom had a dental issue almost as soon as we landed. (But I’ll let him tell you about that later.) The rest of Dan’s day at the dental clinic went great — many teeth pulled, and only one patient turned away because of high blood pressure. How great it is to see a brother in Christ doing what God has gifted him to do by way of practicing dentistry! Christ was served.
Meanwhile, at Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Damian welcomed us as he always does — along with many of the pastors from the local association who came for a pastors’ conference. I taught on the rise of radical Islam, and the theology behind it, which is a growing concern in Eastern Europe. As you may remember from world history, Romania was not liberated from the Ottoman Empire until 1877, so the advance of Islam in this part of the world is not an abstract musing by any stretch of the imagination.
My translators today were Pastor Daniel and Pastor Claudiu. Both were fantastic, and I look forward to more ministry together as the week unfolds. Tom was able to give away a necktie or two this morning, and we will save medicine and eyeglasses for the remaining outreach opportunities that await us.
In our last half an hour or so, as our conference was winding down, we were able to touch briefly on the subject of reaching Millennials for Christ. Tonight we will interview some Millennials from the local congregation here and try to tap into how we can encourage the leadership to understand and embrace them. This morning I briefly introduced the subject of separating truth from tradition (John 14:6), and I’m sure that we will pick up on that theme tonight.
Tomorrow’s plans include a youth conference. Friday I’ll preach in Coronini. Saturday will be capped off with an evangelistic crusade that we’ll hold in a nearby cinema. Please keep praying, and I’ll try to send another blog or two.
I send my love, and the love of our team, and the love of our Romanian brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Har si Pace (grace and peace),
Pastor Charles
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4 comments on “Standing On the Promises
  1. Maria says:

    Looks like you hit the ground running. I wish I was there with you all.
    We miss you here. We continue to pray for your work in Romania.
    Love and prayers to you all. Domnul sa va binecuvinteze !!!. Maria

  2. Paul and Christina VanStone says:

    Dear Pr. Charles, Dr. Boeh, and Tom. It was so wonderful to read your Romanian report and to see the photos of your work there. We are praying for your safe travels and for the Word to go forth and not return void, but accomplish all that was intended. I am so proud of Dr. Boeh and I know that he is working very hard, because that is what he does so well. Take time to rest! May God bless you all.
    Love, Paul and Christina

  3. Sarah says:

    God Bless You! May His face shine upon you and give you peace, protection, power, and kindness.
    Sarah A.

  4. Jill Wrye says:

    Thank you for sharing all the action and pictures with us. It makes us feel like we are there, too! And we are–in our hearts and prayers. God’s grace and peace to all.

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