Short & Sweet

Today (Monday) was packed, and I’m still in a church meeting at 11:00 p.m.! This communication will be short and sweet.

Morning coffee with the mayor in his office went great. He is exceptionally grateful for our church’s many contributions to this community over many years, and he’s very hopeful regarding future partnerships. Unique and wonderful how God arranged this. More later.

Thoroughly enjoyed my two hours at the orphanage in Prilipet, and sharing new tennis shoes as gifts from FBC. Kids are loved, healthy, and happy. Loved on Linda Hatcher’s family in her absence. 🙂

Strategized all evening with young adults here. They want to try their own version of our Rock the Block. How cool is that?

I’ll throw in some extra pics. Enjoy! Shortest. Blog. Ever.

Har si Pace (Grace and Peace),

Pastor Charlesss11

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3 comments on “Short & Sweet
  1. Janice Foster says:

    So thrilled to learn that the children are well cared for and loved! Touches my heart!
    (Didn’t realize Romania has a leaning tower also!) 🙂

  2. Wanda Lockett says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! They brought back wonderful memories of Jim and I being there with our choir in 2009. Praying for your safe return!

  3. Linda Hart says:

    You? Out of words??? Well, I we say in the South! Great pictures and glad to see happy smiles and know that good has been done and is still going strong!

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