Salutari! (Greetings!)

We arrived safe and sound. After numerous flight complications, we landed in Timisoara to a beautiful Romanian afternoon. We had dinner in the city, and then made the three-hour trek to Coronini. Pastor Nelu missed his calling as a Nascar driver. Thanks, friends, for your faithful prayers. 🙂

I really didn’t sleep last night, but I’m energized today. You can see from the photos that we started shopping early for food deliveries in the surrounding communities. The groceries and produce (from the farmer’s market) were more than needed, and much appreciated.

Here’s a good word, friends. The last lady whom we visited this morning (age 93) said: “I lost my husband, but I didn’t lose my Jesus. I’m alone in my house, but talking with my Lord every day. He speaks to me through His Word and when I pray.”

As I write, we’re preparing for the soup kitchen ministry, to begin in just a few minutes. Your supplies of eyeglasses and medicines will be distributed throughout the week, but I wanted you to see some of the hundreds of pairs of glasses that you sent with us. Blessings galore! These supplies are like gold among people who desperately need them.

Tonight I’ll speak to the students about reaching their friends for Christ, and then we’ll enjoy some pizza together. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with the youth, as it’s been a year since I was here at Grace Baptist.

You can tell from the pics that the pastors here love their sheep. Pastor Claudiu is a great compliment to the church’s leadership team, and I believe that he represents the body’s commitment to love and serve the next generation. Our Romanian brothers and sisters send you their warmest greetings.

Thank you for being Christ’s hands and feet through the missions and ministries of First Baptist Paducah. Your sacrificial gifts make all of this happen. May the pace (peace) of the Lord be yours today, and always!


Pastor Charles

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4 comments on “Salutari! (Greetings!)
  1. Terri Buri says:

    Wonderful!! Thx for sharing the pictures! Continued prayers for great ministering! The Buri’s came to America from near Timasoura(sp?)!!

  2. Judy Howe says:

    Praying that God gives you an immeasurable amount of energy as you minister that can match the passion you have for the souls of the people of Romania. May His Spirit fill you to overflowing with each word you speak. May the Holy Spirit be preparing hearts of the people before you minister and may His convicting power be strong among the people.

    Thank you for your blog and letting us experience your trip with you! May God bless you with many “God moments” that occur when you are in a foreign country, out of your comfort zone, and dependent totally on Him.

  3. Maria says:

    People of Moldova Noua are so blessed to have you there .Continue to pray for your ministry there in Romania. Thanks for sharing the pic. it was good to see Julian (miss him already) God Bless You all !!

  4. Mary Catherine says:

    Thanks for sharing, May God bless every moment of your trip and time there and travel home. Mary Catherine.

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