Pacea Domnului Isus


“The peace of the Lord Jesus!” I’m learning this familiar greeting among Christian believers here in Romania. That’s better than a “Hi” any day.

I wanted to send home a quick update and a few prayer requests. Tom and I arrived safely via Chicago, Munich, and Timisoara. I included a couple of photos of the Timisoara city center, apparently abounding in new retail activity and construction brought on by an improving economy. The region seems culturally and historically dominated by the Orthodox Church, but also to be experiencing a growing evangelical presence.

I also included a couple of shots of the village where I’m staying. You can see Serbia on the other side of the Danube River.

Rom3This morning I was invited for coffee by the mayor of Coronin, whose church family will be coming together with Grace Baptist of Moldova Noua for combined worship tonight at 6:00. I included a picture of the Grace sanctuary which is expected to be full. I’ll be bringing the sermon on forgiveness that I shared during our revival series, so please pray for God’s Spirit to touch many hearts tonight.

Saturday morning at 10:00 I’ll preach for a pastors’ conference, and Saturday evening at 6:00 for a youth conference. Sunday morning at 10:00 I’ll preach for a baptismal service, and Sunday evening (also at 6:00) I’ll preach an evangelistic message for the community.

We are eight hours ahead of Paducah but, if you’re interested, you will be able to access most of the services online at:Rom2

Pastor Damian sends his warmest greetings. I send my love to all of you. Thank you for praying bold kingdom prayers for this weekend.

Un Domn. O Credinta. Un Botez. Ephesians 4:5. One Lord. One faith. One baptism.

One Christ!


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8 comments on “Pacea Domnului Isus
  1. Andrea says:

    Oh how we send our love to these people! Familiar sights and hearts filled with warmth!

  2. Marie H. Jackson says:

    God be with you as you speak to these beautiful people. I love the beautiful country. I was there during the summer Olympics in Athens. God Bless you and Tom as you serve.Marie

  3. Bobette Craycraft says:

    Oh how my heart is with you…LOVE Romania and Romanians. May God bless this trip and may you inspire these pastors to equip and inspire their congregations.

  4. JUdy Sheppard says:

    It was in Romania, I learned how they speak of being “Repenters” and not “Christian” or “Saved”. I loved that. It was also there that God brought me to my knees in humility (and humiliation for my failure in preparation.) The people are so loving and touched my soul never to be forgotten. Praying for all events to be Holy Spirit led. Judy Sheppard.

  5. Tom & Maria Unici says:

    How good is to see this places and the people through your eyes.
    Miss and love everybody. Enjoy the scenery & Danube river for me .
    You’re a Blessing. Thanks for your ministry. Maria

  6. Linda Hart says:

    Such beautiful memories of these familiar looking places of worship…these people have prayed for me and mine and became forever friends. Prayers that both of you have good health and stamina and that God’s message will find its way to the hearts of all who hear it. The Danube…I had only read of it…until..

  7. Judy Howe says:

    Tom/Pastor Charles: Mission Possible class is lifting you up in prayer asking for God to do amazing things through you. May God go before you tendering hearts, pouring out His convicting Spirit, and filling you with His words. May you sense His power in every service and in every encounter with the precious Romanian people. May this experience be one that you will never forget because of the overwhelming reality of God’s hand in it.

  8. Sarah says:

    Pastor Charles, praying for you and your voice. May God give you power to preach, teach, revive, be a friend, and serve. We love and miss you. Give Tom our love too.

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