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Last week I had the privilege of joining with more than 100,000 others in Washington, D.C., to celebrate life. I came home refreshed by many things which I observed, most notably by the amount of young people who are thoroughly committed to protecting the sanctity of human life. In fact, 200 college students literally led March for Life 2020.

On the eve of the March, I was able to meet with pastors and other leaders – from across the nation – who are desirous to help evangelical Christ-followers embrace a worldview that is comprehensively PRO-life. By that, I mean that our desire is to model a love for all people simply because all people are created in God’s own image. This ought to translate into our profound respect for the unborn, the aged, and everyone in between. PRO-ALL-life.

Many of these young adults traveled thousands of miles to march with us. On top of that, there were swarms of kids, from high school students all the way down to toddlers accompanied by their moms and dads. Estimates are that at least a quarter of the participants were college-age or younger, with half the entire crowd younger than 30. An unbelievably young generation is embracing the pro-life ethic if my personal observations are anywhere close to accurate.

I enjoyed one particular conversation with a 21-year-old college student who explained to me that she had come to our nation’s capital simply because “life matters.” She declared herself neither Protestant nor Catholic – “non-religious” in fact – but was among a bunch of young people who now wear the label “secular pro-life.” They see disrespect for human life as human rights abuse, as well they should. Though this was my third March, it was my first time to take notice of this obviously enlarging constituency in America. It seems to me that science and technology have actually bolstered the pro-life movement.

I don’t live in a bubble, and I know that not every national poll among Millennials and Gen-Z’ers supports the pro-life optimism which I’m expressing today. But all I can do is share with you my personal observations and inferences. I’ve been called “perpetually glass-half-full” more than once, so I’m willing to own that. But I am encouraged, friends, and I want to encourage you. I believe that something good is happening. Perhaps it’s because I believe that a good God reigns over all of human history. Even now.

If you’re part of our church family, you know that we spotlight the global crisis of human trafficking every February in our END IT service. In my message on February 9, I’ll attempt to answer this simple question: “Why do we care?” My answer may surprise you, but I’ll give you a hint: if we’re going to celebrate the unborn, we ought to celebrate the born!

Next year I hope to take several of you – older and younger – with me to D.C. Marching with you would make it much more fun for me. You see, I’m PRO-YOU-too. So start saving your pennies, FBC college group …

Pastor Charles

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