Happy Tired

Have you ever been “happy tired”? What I mean by that is physically exhausted, but spiritually energized because you sense the Lord at work in spite of your human limitations? Happy tired! That’s me right now.

We arrived in Timisoara, Romania, safe and sound. A nice dinner in the historic city center was followed by finishing the trek all the way to Muldova Noua and Coronini late last night.

This morning we were up bright and early shopping for groceries and delivering much-needed food supplies in a few of the more remote areas. We also distributed Bibles in Romanian and Serbian which you helped provide. These encounters included meeting many people from an Orthodox religious heritage, but who are unaccustomed to reading Scripture themselves. Please pray that the Spirit will call these dear souls to Christ!

We also spent quite a bit of time in a new nursing home in Tom Unici’s hometown village. What God is doing there is quite remarkable, most notably building relational bridges with unbelievers in the community. It has been a full but very special day.

I preached tonight, from Psalm 23, in the villages of Radimna and Berzasca. The folks received God’s Word, and your eyeglasses and medicines, with great joy. Thank you for loving and giving.

Forgive me for not writing more, but I must turn in for the evening. I know you understand that.

The saints of the Danube River Valley send you their love. As do I.

Pastor Charles

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4 comments on “Happy Tired
  1. Linda Hart says:

    Thank you for sharing and for going and for the pictures! I was happy to see familiar faces! Godspeed to all of you!

  2. Maria says:

    I believe you are Happy tired . Continue to pray for your mission there in Romania and for strength to be able to do God’s work and to bless those precious people . Love and prayers to you all !!

  3. Terri says:

    So wonderful to see your pictures of our familiy’s original homeland and to read of the daily activities! Keeping you in our prayers for continuing to reach many more, and for many “God-stops” every day! Blessings to all, Jack & Terri Buri & family

  4. Tracey says:

    Praying for you!

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