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We blog. God laughs.

I should never have written that part about the weather having “turned a corner” in the direction of spring. So I suppose I’ll never be accused of being a prophet (at least not in that sense).

Anyway, digging out (again!), we move on. I thought I’d focus on a topic that to me is warm and sunny no matter what.

Growth Groups.3.1.15 Photo 7

Last Sunday night we completed a month-long pilot Growth Group so that those who are prayerfully considering serving as leaders or facilitators could get a taste of a model for in-home, small-group discipleship. About 25 of us enjoyed the time of bonding and pondering en masse how the Lord might use Growth Groups to bless our church and community. It was wonderful to be together for such a special purpose.

We’ll soon announce plans for a major launch of a plan to salt the Paducah area (geographically and spiritually) with small groups aimed at building the body of First Baptist Paducah, advancing Christian maturity, and creating missional tentacles into the lives of our neighbors and friends. Please join me in prayer that Christ will be exalted in the hearts of many through a ministry that has the potential to revolutionize how we “do church” (First Corinthians 9:22).

If we are to be faithful to our Lord in this generation, we must reach reach the Millennials, who are often skeptical of the traditional and institutional church. Here’s a great opportunity to knock it out of the park in terms of demonstrating the love of the body without the cultural handicaps of “church building” or “you must come to us” or “you must look like us” or “you must sing like us” or “you must act like us.”

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.3.1.15 Photo 1 (1) 3.1.15 Photo 83.1.15 Photo 3 3.1.15 Photo 5

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