From Trials to Triumph

I love pastoring this church, because I love the people of this church. But, sometimes, your burdens become mine. By that I mean that I find myself tossing and turning at 3:00 in the morning because of obstacles that my sheep are facing. Trials that my sheep are experiencing. Burdens that my sheep are bearing. Tears that my sheep are shedding. I am a feeling person – I don’t apologize for that – but sometimes it hurts to be a feeling person.

Sunday morning I will continue in our series “The Mission.” I want to further unpack the idea of God’s call. And the testing which inevitably follows God’s call. Some of you – if not many of you – are being tested right now. Severely tested in some cases. Though I have no magic wand to make those trials go away, we do have God’s certain Word to guide us for such a time as this. When God tests us, He proves that our faith is real.

If you want to be really prepared for Sunday morning, please accept this challenge: read and meditate on James 1:2-4. Ask the Holy Spirit to apply it to you. Ask the Lord to bless those three verses to your understanding. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart. And I will do the same.

Sunday morning we will go all the way back to Abraham, but not just for historical purposes. We will consider Abraham as an example of God’s providential dealings with us. Don’t miss it! Because one of our enemy’s biggest lies is that we are all alone. We are not.

If you’re at a place right now where you’re thinking, “How can this be happening to me?” – come!lighthouserefuge

If you’re at a place where nothing makes sense – come!

If you’re at a place where one misfortune after another has you feeling like blaming God – come!

Christ is our Refuge, friends. He is enough. He is more than enough. He has given Himself for us, and He has given us to each other. While we’re here, we’re learning to “count it all joy!”

You are loved,


Pastor Charles

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4 comments on “From Trials to Triumph
  1. Dale Hancock says:

    Amen Charles!!!

  2. Janie Stivers says:

    We discussed this, Charles; the gift of compassion. Sometimes it just plain hurts. I too lie awake hurting for someone I can’t seem to help. And sometimes that person is “me”. Then I lie awake feeling selfish. But I wouldn’t give my compassion back for anything even though at times I have heard God in the proper way I should use it.

  3. Janie Stivers says:

    I meant to say, “have not heard God”

  4. Gwenn MacKenzie says:

    I love the song by Mercy Me “Even If” – I love the part “I know He’s able and I know He can.” God has brought me through so much in my life, like I didn’t expect to be caring for my dying husband in my late 30’s, or becoming a widow at 42. And even though I didn’t understand, I knew God was there, “Through it All”. Another hymn. God’s presence in Hymns, in His word, in fellowship with other Christians, we are never alone. When we open our eyes to His miracles, which are everywhere we can see Him at work. It may not be what we want when we want it, but I have found that His ways and His timing are always perfect.

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