From Here to Eternity

This is written in language appropriate for my present location. I’m at this moment at a “HC” preparing to “speak” (one nondescript photo included).

Traveling and doing His work on the other side of the planet has been both humbling and exhilarating. I’m experiencing a renewed sense of appreciation for some of our basic American freedoms: free worship, free assembly, free press. I’ve seen these and other liberties inhibited in this part of the world, in measures large and small, so I’m more vividly aware of how blessed we are at home.

At the same time, the news from home is not all good. Ebola scares, terror threats, and even the public and legal harassment of Book-teaching shepherds in Houston. Notice I said Houston, not Beijing.

My morning devotion came from Micah 3:6 — “… The sun shall go down on the prophets, and the day shall be black over them.” Written as a warning of His impending judgment in another generation, I wonder if there are contemporary applications for us.

I fear that we have trampled on the gospel of grace, and exchanged the best news the world has ever heard for a message of self-help and temporal happiness. That we have traded in doing good for doing well. That we have replaced His cross with a lie about human nature (thus who needs a Savior after all?)

I don’t presume to know the details of the perfect plan of the All-Wise, but I can fairly safely discern more than a few divine wake-up calls on our national landscape. Are we listening? Do we care?

As I study what is happening here, I can see a mighty spiritual army emerging in an environment where such is not permitted. That’s because only the Alpha and Omega reigns! Only He will do what only He will do.

Here in a land of obvious idolatry, something is even more obvious: people are embracing our King. Like Shadrach and his friends: “We will not bow down.” The Sovereign One shines the light of the Wonderful Counselor wherever that light is needed. Earthly kingdoms rise and fall, but His kingdom stands undefeated, forever.

So don’t lose heart. We know who wins! May He grant us His strength and His Spirit to stand firm and faithful in these days.The team here sends love and “special thoughts.” If He wills, we’ll see you Sunday.chinaschoolgirlchinawomenstudychinastatuechina touristchinabible

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3 comments on “From Here to Eternity
  1. Tom & Maria Unici says:

    We have been praying for for all of you and we thank God for all
    you’ve done in His name. May God reward your efforts.
    We are so proud of you and thankful, that you are our pastor, and
    you do everything to rescue de perishing and spreading the gospel
    to the ends of the earth.
    May the Lord keep watch over you all and bring you safely back to us.
    Love & prayers : Tom & Maria.

  2. Ronna Smith says:

    These pictures are precious to us…the smile of the little girl melts our hearts and reminds us of a blessing God has entrusted to our care. May God’s word strengthen believers and reach hearts that are searching for the Savior

  3. Linda Hart says:

    So glad this got to happen..friends meeting friends..all serving…

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