Dressed For Success- Session 2 “Good Grief”

Dressed For Success Series

The second session of our new midweek series can be listened to or downloaded here.  This message was recorded on Jan 15, 2014 in the Great Room: 2014.01.15.MidweekDressedForSuccess.Session2.CharlesMoore

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One comment on “Dressed For Success- Session 2 “Good Grief”
  1. Ramona says:

    Outstanding message!! I’ve suffered so many of the types of grief you spoke about, some in short seasons, some in longer, but others are chronic. How right you are, that we have to face those moments with honesty and not to deceive ourselves with platitudes and worldly fixes.

    I also loved the suggested mental “I don’t understand.” file. I’ve apparently had one for many years, just never titled. So, thanks for naming it for me.

    As we live our lives side by side, I am so appreciative of your reminder that when we are experiencing an abundance of joy, to pour into lives that are grieving and low. To be honest when someone asks how we are, not giving the “I’m fine” reply but truly laying it all out there. Oh, how amazing could our relationships become if we would just let others into our worlds?

    Wrestling with God. I rarely hear many pastors talking about this these days. We are so prone to look for His blessings, to ask Him to “do His will”, but still banking on Him doing it our way. Once, I heard someone say that “God can take it when we’re angry. Who else can we trust with such emotions? Who else should I go to BUT Him, and know it’s safe to say what’s in my heart?” God is safe, and He CAN take it when we grieve. He’s taken so much of my questioning.

    I will close with this story. My mother was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was a senior in high school, after having survived breast cancer five years before. One Sunday night, I went to the alter to pray. My knees dropped to the carpeted step and I flat out told God, “If there is any amount of money that would heal her, I will do whatever You need me to. If there is no way she can be healed, please take her, end her suffering.” God knew this was beyond impossible for me to say without having wrestled with Him and finding there was simply no answer I could accept that wouldn’t mean suffering on my part. I wanted the cure, but He knew it wasn’t coming the way I’d hoped. His answer came the next night. She died. At her funeral, I didn’t wrestle anymore, but the grief carried on and I knew it would be alright because God wrote it into my story. He has used that grief time and time again as part of my testimony of His faithfulness and love. He didn’t leave me, ever!!!

    Ramona Milles

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