We’re In Deep

I just left my first of 23 (already on the calendar) Home Fellowship Groups. What a blessing! I designed these group meetings so that I could encourage the FBC family, but I left the meeting as the one encouraged.

That’s how Christ’s body works. He loves us through each other. He blesses us through each other.

Sue Clark Fellowship

The love of Jesus is not sappy sentimentality. It is the life of the Holy Spirit in and through us – God’s love “poured into our hearts” (Romans 5:5). Wow! That’s what I experienced in the home of one of our church members.

I observed hospitality, service, sacrifice, and fellowship. But I also witnessed Christian believers shouldering the burdens of others, sharing the wonder of Christian joy, and pursuing genuine unity – all for God’s glory. Kingdom living. Where Christ dwells, there are open doors and open hearts.

Pastor Chris Strevel writes: “The single aim of every Christian is for the Lord to be glorified. How else can he be glorified unless we know his presence in our midst? How is his presence known except by the teaching, serving, helping, loving, giving, encouraging, and governing that he continues to exercise in his church through his love-gifts to the whole body? Then, when each one of us feels his dependence upon the Lord, when we see that he supplies for our every need by his fullness in our midst, then we are led to give him all the praise, honor, and glory. We recognize that our lives belong to him – look what he has made of such sinners – a selfish sinner encourages; an ignorant, blind man teaches; a greedy man gives of his goods to help another. What else is this but the power of Christ in our midst? Who would not wish to share in … his own love for his Bride?”

There ought to be no such thing as a solo Christian, for all of us stand in perpetual need of the mutual encouragement that should mark the body of Christ. When we care for one another, we demonstrate the compassion that took our Savior all the way to the cross. Our hospitality, generosity, and kindness become the practical and real outworking of the love of Jesus.

Beloved, you have no idea how poised this church is to seriously advance the kingdom of Christ! When I look around this place, I see a hunger for truth, a Scriptural gospel, a passion for worship, a love for the lost, a brokenness over past sins, a gratitude for today’s blessings, and a prayerful (Biblical, hopeful, trusting, confident, faithful) expectancy for the days ahead.

And the glimmering bow on the shiny package on my first meeting was a roomful of people who want to die to themselves and live for Christ and others.

My cup runneth over.

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6 comments on “We’re In Deep
  1. Tracey Buchanan says:

    You described exactly what I think about our church right now! I’ve been a part of FBC-Paducah all my life and we’ve never been better situated to make a such a significant difference in this community and beyond! You -our fearless leader in Christ – are here for such a time as this!!!

  2. Judy Sheppard says:

    I, too, am so encouraged. I so appreciate your updates and your writing style is wonderful. I expressed to you Sunday evening that “I came hungry and you fed me.” I desire so to be fed meat, to listen and then to spread what I have learned. I am one who assimilates the teachings into communicating to others in relational situations. So grateful as well for your wisdom, humor, and certainly expositional teaching. BRAVO Bill and I are so excited to have you as a guest in our home at a later date. We, too, will get to experience the in-home fellowship.

  3. John Wood says:

    Dear Pastor Charles,
    I read every word of every one of your MOORE TO LIFE letters. You are unbeliveable gifted in your ability to communicate in a most interesting and intriguing manner. My heart swells with pride when I think of you being the pastor at FBC, Paducah. I sincerely believe that the church is poised for its greatest days. We pray for that to become a reality. Please be assured of our continuing prayers and interest in all you do. May God richly bless your every effort.
    Your Partner in Ministry,
    John Wood

  4. John Wood says:

    Dear Church Family,
    I want to commend the Pastor Search Committee for a job well done. Everyone seems thrilled to have pastor Charles as their leader. Patricia and I rejoice along with the entire congregation. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW.
    Your Partners in Ministry,
    John & Pat Wood

  5. Marie Jackson says:

    Lord, I thank You for the signs that assure me that You are present and active in every aspect of my life. Thank You for sending us Pastor Charles.

  6. Kelley Banks says:

    Just beautiful! Glory to God!

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