Passion 2020

I won’t write much this week since it’s late at night after an exhausting but wonderful day. We’re here in Atlanta for the Passion Conference, and I’m sending a few pics so that you can taste the excitement of 65,000 young adults gathered at the Mercedes Benz Arena to worship Christ and ring in the new year!

The teaching has been inspiring, and largely focused on encouraging a generation which has grown largely disconnected from each other, despite the limitless “connections” of the social media age. This is the demographic which reports feeling record levels of isolation and sadness. You might think that we’re living in post-Christian¬†America, and we are, but there’s been little evidence of that here at Passion. Instead, we’ve witnessed a throng of young people eager to worship, serve, and transform the culture with the gospel.

The worship has been powerful and energetic beyond my ability to describe here, so I’ll encourage you to seek out a personal report from somebody in our FBC contingency who made this journey with us. You will be blessed by what you hear!

I want to thank those of you who helped make this possible. Some of you funded your kids or grandkids. Others of you financed last-minute bus transportation. Others have prayed for us. As always, our church family has loved and provided, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll close by wishing you a Happy New Year! Because of Jesus, the best is yet to come.

Pastor Charles

















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3 comments on “Passion 2020
  1. My 15 year old was so upset he couldn’t attend this year because of the age group but I’ve promised him we will attend it soon. Amazing what our young people are preparing for… a life lived for Christ. Now if only we could get the older generation on board to see the very thing that puts a disconnection between them and the teenagers is the same battle of worship music they most likely had with their own parents. The difference is that these young people are fueled and strengthen by God and won’t settle for anything less than “TRUE WORSHIP.”

  2. kp says:

    My heart is swollen upon this report of goodness to an amazing generation!!

  3. Carolyn and Leland says:

    Happy New Year with Love and Prayers to you and yours?
    Carolyn and Leland

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