Paducah Photo - Carson Center Paducah Photo - Columbia

 The confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.

The nation’s largest inland navigable water system.

Southern hospitality and charm.

The largest city in the Jackson Purchase region.

Median age: 41.4 years.

One of only two cities named in Hooray for Hollywood.

         A lively “underground” musical scene.

“Quilt City U.S.A.”

The 78th largest media market in the U.S.

Designated by UNESCO as the world’s 7th City of Crafts and Folk Art.

Paducah Photo - Etcetera and SymphonyBoasting a highly successful symphony orchestra serving a 5-state region.

Business, medical, educational, and entertainment center for a quarter million people.


Paducah Photo - Market HousePaducah.


Paducah Photo - Quilt City U.S.A.

Would not Christ have us love the city that we call home? I think of Jeremiah 29:7 and God’s heart that the Jewish exiles pray for the prosperity of their city. How blessed we are to be able to enjoy the same privilege of prayer, and to do so in a beautiful place where we have chosen to live and to raise our families!Paducah Photo - Downtown

You’re probably more than aware of the changing face of Christian missions. The mission field is no longer “out there” – it is here. Are we willing to open our arms to the people here?

IPaducah Photo - Lowertown Artsn just a few days we’ll be hosting our first COMMUNITY CONNECTION weekend. Please consider this a special invitation from Pastor Russ and myself to join us here at First Baptist Paducah at 6:00 this Friday evening (April 17) for a special dinner … and a chance to begin a refreshing dialog about loving Paducah.

Our special guest for COMMUNITY CONNECTION will be Dr. Van Sanders, who will help us wrap our minds and hearts around the unique opportunities for Christian ministry that Paducah affords. We’ll focus our attention particularly on unreached neighbors, ethnic minorities, and other people groups who can far too easily fall off our radar screens.

Saturday morning’s activities will include going out in teams into strategic neighborhoods for prayer, service, and relationship-building.

And then on Sunday morning, our church family will come together for a single worship service at 10:15. (Sunday School for all ages at 9:00.)

Don’t miss COMMUNITY CONNECTION.Paducah Photo - Dogwood Trail

Because this is home.


Pastor Charles


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3 comments on “MissionPaducah
  1. Judy Askew says:

    Loved your sermon on gifts yesterday. I had to speak at our church in Virginia before we left there. I told them “Some are called to preach and some are called to teach. I was called to Nag.” Tommy says it doesn’t say that, but if it did, I would be good at it!!!

  2. Betty Johnson says:

    I do not live in Paducah but, am very much aware what a beautiful place Paducah is to live, worship, and just enjoy… Paducah is interesting, historic, educational, inspirational and so many more attributes in describing Paducah. Thank you Pastor Charles for your service to many … you truly do have a servants heart … and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Jill Wrye says:

    You have been approved as the Marketing Manager at the Paducah Chamber of Commerce. Your salary will be……..diamonds in a crown!!!! I can’t wait to participate–God willing. I am not so qualified but truly feel called. Thank you for loving us as JESUS taught. God bless America, Paducah, and all those who love as JESUS does.

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