Let the Nations Be Glad

Guess who was back in the dental chair before we left Eastern Europe? Tom, again! But all is well, and Drs. Dan and Daniel got in a little extra practice on “the toughest case of the week.”

On a more serious note, I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers for Romania 2015. I couldn’t be happier about all that happened as part of the mission. We experienced spiritual victories both large and small. (And who says that “small” is small when God is in it?)

In August of 2014, while in Romania, I was asked to pray for a woman and her children – the woman’s husband had just abandoned the family and left them in a desperate situation. We prayed for a miracle then, that God would not just bring the man home – but that he would bring him home restored to a right relationship with Himself. During this year’s trip, after Sunday evening worship, the same woman’s daughter came to me, exclaiming: “Look – that man over there is my dad! He came home two days ago, a new man, walking with the Lord – and he’s home for good.”

All I can do is quote Fanny Crosby: “To God be the glory; great things He has done!”

The multi-church evangelistic meeting at the Cultural Center was a delight. To see all the churches working together – and to see the larger community (with a few from the Orthodox Church in the mix) blessed by hearing Christ’s gospel – was a real joy for me. One local pastor told me that I preached like Spurgeon. (I’ll live on that kind word for at least a month.) Anyway, the pastors want to see that kind of partnering ministry happen again, at least annually, for purposes of shared outreach and evangelism. I’m sure that they’ll lock arms and see to it that the vision stays alive.

In my photos you’ll see some of the kids with whom I got to eat and have some fun, the sweet ladies in the kitchen who helped feed those who needed the love of the church with “skin on it,” and one of the sections of the brass band that kicked off our community event with the open-air sounds of Romania. Much to take in. Much to enjoy. Much to remember and cherish.

If any of my Romanian friends are reading, I send all of you love and blessings in Jesus’ name.

In the words of Psalm 67:4: “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You judge the peoples with equity  and guide the nations upon earth!” Does it get any better than that?


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3 comments on “Let the Nations Be Glad
  1. maria says:

    God is good !! We are thankful you had a great trip.You accomplished
    every thing you had planed , and you arrive home safely .
    Praise the Lord !!!

  2. Shannon Stivers says:

    Welcome home!! Glad to hear it was such a wonderful trip!

  3. Terri Buri says:

    Glad the trip was a Christ-centered success! Loved the pictures! They are the most beautiful ones of scenery I’ve ever seen of Romania. Jack’s family is from there & it brought tears to my eyes bec they were farmers who came to America for a better life before WWI. Also the church is wonderful to see as we were supporting Tom & his trips there as they were building when we worked with AWANA around 1999-2002 at FBC and the AWANA children were able to see the partially built church and be supportive in prayer for those children who didn’t have a building at the time. How wonderful that you have been called & blessed to minister over there & continue on with the vision that Tom and his mother had for the area so many years ago when she walked several miles to attend a church bec her village had none of our faith. Blessed to be blessed!

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