Bragging (Just a Little)

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If you’ll allow me room for just a little bragging, Eileen has been appointed to serve on the Leadership Council of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. If you had known Eileen as long as I have, you’d understand just how excited she is about this! My wife has felt a strong calling from the Lord to defend religious freedom since before she entered law school back in 1984. As a matter of fact, that’s why she went to law school.

This appointment means that Eileen will be part of the team of pastors and leaders who serve as ambassadors for the ERLC. From the ERLC website: “From coast to coast, from mega church to country church, from men to women, and from various backgrounds, these leaders represent a cross section of evangelicalism in general and the SBC in particular.” Under the leadership of Dr. Russell Moore, the ERLC is the moral and public policy agency of our nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Please pray for Eileen as she takes up her first assignment this weekend, which will be her first opportunity to interact with other members of the Leadership Council. The date has been chosen so that the team can participate in the March for Life, aimed at providing all Americans with a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person. On the anniversary of legalized abortion in the U.S., pro-life leaders will organize, unite, and strategize around a common message, and seek to communicate that message to the government, the media, and the nation in a way that is powerful and life-affirming.

Eileen will leave this Thursday morning for Washington, D.C., where the ERLC Leadership Council will tackle not just the sanctity of human life, but a number of other important issues facing followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you’re interested, I’ll attach Eileen’s bio from the ERLC’s announcement page. Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone be glory!


Pastor Charles


Eileen Moore

Eileen Moore graduated with honors from Northeastern University with a B.A. in biology and a certification in respiratory therapy. She attended Wake Forest University School of Law and graduated in the top of her class. Following law school, Eileen clerked for the Honorable Eugene H. Phillips on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Subsequently she has worked primarily for the federal government in the Department of Justice; Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection; and the Federal Judiciary. She also had the privilege of working Of Counsel with the firm of Mauck and Baker while living in the Chicago area. Eileen trained as an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, and volunteered in that capacity during the period she was not working for the federal government.

Eileen is married to Charles, who serves as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Paducah, Ky. Charles also earned a law degree and shares Eileen’s passion for religious liberties. They have one son who is in high school. Together they have served congregations in North Carolina, Kentucky, greater Chicago, and Southern California. Eileen enjoys leading in women’s ministry, mentoring pastors’ wives, and planning special church events.

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26 comments on “Bragging (Just a Little)
  1. Glenda says:

    Pastor Charles, if anyone has a right to brag, I think you are it! Eileen will be wonderful at this job. I am sure she is very excited about the challenge. I will send a personal note to her, but just wanted to say good job of bragging. Tommy has great respect for Dr. Moore and I am sure Eileen will be a great addition to the team.

  2. Allan Kleet says:

    God bless Eileen and the work she does for the Lord

  3. Judy Sheppard says:

    This is sensational. So thrilled. It was our privilege to get to know Eileen and the devotion and wisdom she possesses. May God richly bless her, and use her for the Kingdom.

    • Bill Temple says:

      Praying earnestly for her new position and responsibilities we also reflect on the great memories with you guys

  4. Bill Howerton says:

    Remember the words and wisdom of Dizzy Dean, “If it is the truth, it ain’t bragging.”
    Congratulations, Eileen, and may God bless you and this new found work.

  5. Mark Link says:

    Wonderful News!! We are blessed as a nation to have her serving in this capacity; and blessed as a church to have you both in our midst.

  6. Alva House says:

    Bragging is OK with this great news. She will do a great work for the Lord
    because the Lord will be with her in her every endeavor. We are so blessed
    to have you both as our leaders who will share with us.

  7. Sandy says:

    Charles, thank you for sharing this message. Eileen represents all women and will be an asset to ERLC. Her devotion to the Lord opens doors and now she will be able to extend her influence to many additional people.

  8. Dawn Ohman says:

    Congrats Eileen! So glad you are serving in this organization!

  9. Sarah Atkinson says:

    I’m with Bill Howerton and Dizzy Dean! So very proud of the whole family!!

  10. Lisa Wilkins says:

    I like the Dizzy Dean comment and way to go to Eileen. She will be great!

  11. Christina VanStone says:

    We feel so blessed to have both you and Eileen in our church leadership. Your love for the Lord is enhanced by the wisdom and education that you use so well in teaching us God’s Word. Our country greatly needs Christians on government committees to give wise and holy counsel. It will be a lot of extra work on Eileen, and I am so thankful that she has accepted the position to serve our nation for His glory.
    We love and admire you both!

  12. Diane Lamm says:

    So excited and happy for Eileen. She is using her special and wonderful gifts for the Glory of God. Praying for God to prepare her way and uphold her at all times. This is such wonderful and exciting news.

  13. Peggy Kennerley says:

    So happy to hear this wonderful news. Safe travel and God be with you in your traveling and new job.

  14. Margie Haney says:

    Oh, this is so wonderful for Eileen! And your whole family. God bless you all in this new endeavor!

  15. Janice Foster says:

    So thrilled for Eileen! Esther 4:14 comes to mind. Prayers for safe travel and physical stamina.

  16. Brenda McElroy says:

    So excited to see how God uses Eileen in this very important work! Praying for her daily!

  17. Lynn Purington says:

    God couldn’t have picked a better steward of our freedoms found in Christ!
    Congratulations, Eileen—God will equip you with discernment and focus as you take on this calling. We’ll be praying.
    Much love, Lynn Purington

  18. Janice Connor says:

    So glad you were selected to take on this project. Be safe and God bless you through this ministry I am praying for you.

  19. Roxie Jarvis says:

    Eileen, CONGRATULATIONS!! We love you and are so thankful for your life and ministry for our Lord!! Roxie and Larry

  20. Bo Bell says:


  21. Eva Lynn Dunn says:

    We are so proud of you both!! What an accomplishment. Who better to represent us. Much love to you both.

  22. Eva Lynn Dunn says:

    Eileen we love you and are so proud of you!!

  23. Laura McGee says:

    What wonderful news! I’m proud and excited for you!

  24. Tom and Maria says:

    We are so happy and proud for Eileen. We know that she will do a great job in her new endeavor . CONGRATULATIONS !!!! And God Bless you all.We love you !!

  25. Janie Stivers says:

    I am sorry to say I just read this. Explanation would be too long. However, Eileen; though I haven’t been around you a lot I knew you were very special. When I have spoken to you I always felt a bit of strength passing from you to me which I so needed.
    Congratulations!! You are amazing; I just didn’t know how amazing. God is using you for a very critical issue.
    God Bless You.

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